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Nitish Kumar’s Controversial Statements on Sex Education and Women’s Role in Population Control.

Tejashwi Yadav asserted Nitish Kumar was discussing sex training that is shown in schools, and his remarks ought not be misinterpreted.

Nitish Kumar, statement on sex education in parliament
Nitish Kumar, statement on sex education in parliament

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has been blamed for involving disparaging language in the gathering on Tuesday, as he was making sense of the job of schooling among people for populace control. The video of Nitish Kumar making sense of his point on populace control became a web sensation via virtual entertainment, and a few Bihar ladies MLAs had a problem with the language utilized by the main pastor. Vice President of Service Tejashwi Yadav said that Nitish Kumar’s statement is off-base. “Allow me to explain something. Anything the central priest was expressing was about sex schooling. Individuals become reluctant over this point, yet these are shown in schools in science. Kids realize this. He expressed out loud whatever should be done, essentially to control the populace. This ought not be taken in an off-base way, yet as sex training,” Tejashwi said.

The chief minister has crossed the age of 70 and has offered illogical comments. He utilized a word that we can’t express by any means. We all ladies will dissent,” said BJP MLA Gayatri Devi.

MLC Nivedita Singh found out if the state gathering is a spot for bestowing sex training. “Gathering isn’t the spot to take sex instruction classes. The central clergyman turned out to be exceptionally pragmatic in his clarification. There was no setting for what he said. We as a whole stayed there to stand by listening to Nitish Kumar on the position registration, which we upheld. Yet he changed the whole situation, and no expression of judgment is enough for Nitish Kumar,” the MLC said.

In a recent statement, Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, sparked a heated debate with his comments on the role of women’s education in population control. His remarks, initially labeled as “vulgar” and derogatory by some, have now found support from his deputy, Tejashwi Yadav. According to Mr. Yadav, the Chief Minister’s intent was to address sex education taught in schools, and his comments should not be misinterpreted.

Kumar made these remarks during a session in the state assembly, where he discussed the significant drop in Bihar’s fertility rate from 4.2 to 2.9 percent.

Deputy CM of Bihar Shree Tejaswi Yadav./Nitish Kumar
Deputy CM of Bihar Shree Tejaswi Yadav./Nitish Kumar

Tejashwi Yadav swiftly clarified the Chief Minister’s stance after a video of the comments gained widespread attention and criticism on social media. He emphasized that Kumar’s comments were related to sex education, a subject taught in schools, particularly in science and biology classes. Children receive education in this domain, and Kumar was merely discussing practical measures to address the population issue. Yadav urged the public not to misinterpret these comments but to view them in the context of sex education.

However, Nitish Kumar faced severe backlash from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which labeled him a “vulgar” and criticized his statements. In a harshly worded Hindi post on X, the BJP characterized Kumar as “the most vulgar leader in politics,” insinuating that his comments had inappropriate connotations.

Union Minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey went further, accusing Kumar of tarnishing the dignity and decorum of democracy. He described the Chief Minister’s statement as “like a roadside loafer” and “anti-women.” Choubey called for Kumar’s resignation and suggested he seek immediate medical attention, insinuating that Kumar might be mentally ill.

The National Commission for Women has also joined the chorus of criticism, demanding that the Chief Minister issue an apology for his remarks.

This controversy has ignited discussions on the role of women’s education in population control, with Kumar’s intent being a matter of contention. The debate continues, and it remains to be seen how the political landscape in Bihar will be affected by these comments.

NCW chief Rekha Sharma asks Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to apologize.

In the meantime, the Administrator of the NCW, Rekha Sharma, said that the commission for each lady in this nation requested a prompt and unequivocal expression of remorse from CM Nitish Kumar.

“His vile comments in the Vidhan Sabha are an attack against the poise and regard that each lady merits. Such disparaging and modest language utilized during his discourse is a dim stain on our general public. On the off chance that a pioneer can offer such remarks so transparently in a majority-rule government, one can barely comprehend the ghastliness with which the state should be persevering under his administration. We stand firm against such a way of behaving and call for responsibility,” she posted on X.
The contention has added fuel to a generally heated banter encompassing the amounts for OBCs, SCs, and STs in Bihar. The standing overview embraced by the public authority uncovered that OBCs, including the incredibly in-reverse classes sub-bunch, comprise a huge part of the state’s populace, roughly 63%. The overview report additionally featured the high level of unfortunate families in Bihar, especially among SCs and STs.

During the meeting, Nitish Kumar proposed expanding amounts for Other In-Reverse Classes (OBCs), Booked Positions (SCs), and Planned Clans (STs) in the state. He recommended that a regulation to impact this change is probably going to be presented during the continuous gathering meeting.

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